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P-51 throttle Quadrant replica

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I have a question, if some can help me with this please let me know.   Here we go, I have a saitek throttle quadrant and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to modify/change the levers to make them look like a p51 handles. I'll be showing three pictures. The first is the saitek throttle quadrant I'm talking about. The second is a p-51 throttle quadrant. Finally third, is a picture I found on thingiverse where some one had a similar idea to min but modified it to make it look like a 109 throttle quadrant.  Any advice would surely help thank you




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For an more P-51 operation ideally is should turn base 45º,  see this support - front part has attachment for this deskmount clamp.




And 3DPrint levers - throttle lever may require reinforcement due leverage.

Can rewire one of this rockers buttons for a "mic" button in throttle grip.


453Raafspity has some drawings for a "replica" parts.




Here 3D (Sketchup) or this quadrant, can use for do some drawings.





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Thank u so much sokol for the response, can I chat with u more about it on discord?

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