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HELP PLS - Constant disconnection

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Hey guys!

After Update I'm facing a constant disconnection in some servers like Knights of the Air, Coconut...

My Internet connection is stable and without losted package (ping test "-t").

I downloaded entiry BOS files but  the problem persists.

Can someone help me please.

Knights of the air is my "main server" and this situation is so frustrating...



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Aha! Thank fuck someone else has the same issue.

I've had this problem for only a short time (pre but it seems impossible to fix.  I've had many happy years flying in IL2, now I cannot as most missions resolve in a disconnect. Every other game I play is solid, this is the only place I encounter instability.

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Still getting #10009 error.

Servers: Knights of the Air! Wings Of Liberty, Finnish Virtual Pilots & Coconut.



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I've gotten this before on WoL but only when my ping was very high (I have kinda crappy internet) or the server was full/nearly full. Sometimes it works again after a couple attempts. Every time it happened was pre-3.009 update. It was not a constant issue for me, maybe happening 25% of the time.

Haven't tried MP since the latest update, not sure if it still applies. I will try and get on one of those servers tonight and see what happens, though I'm not sure how much help I can be. My Internet now is a bit of downgrade from before as I moved recently. 

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