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SOLD Spitfire / Hurricane RAF spade grip replica

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270 euros + 1/2 price shipping.

This full aluminum cast is a 1:1 reproduction.

Comes with Mk I brass fire button. This kit also includes an aluminum blank for a rocker switch for canon & 303 machine gun trigger. The brass trigger is fully wired can be with a USB input/output card to work in flight simulations. This grip was made to sit on a high end joystick. The extension comes with three 6mm tapped drill holes. The extension can also be removed for historical authenticity.

The brake handle is also wired and sprung. Once gripped it will spring back to its start position and does not hang slack. The button for the brake is a high quality Honeywell momentary switch. I can include components for Dupont connectors if the buyer desires for no extra cost.

The grip and extra trigger weighs nearly 2kgs.

Mails from Europe. Will split shipping cost with buyer.







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I had it mounted on Baur's KG13 base. The adapter I made for it has a 29mm opening. Those who are handy can mount it on smaller joystick posts by cutting a wooden plug to the proper diameter.


Hope that helps. Happy to answer any other questions you might have.


Cheers, FC

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Maybe this adapter can be used for fit this grip in an Warthog/VPC base, ask Debolestis about external diameter, if don't fit he can modify for suitable diameter (29mm).





Debolestis topic: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160114&page=55



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