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Double account problem

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I have issue with my account. I will present it with following steps:


1. I bought BoS on Steam.

2. I registered on il2sturmovik site separately from Steam, didn't logged via Steam.

3. Logging via il2sturmovik site I set "Blackmessiah1975" as my profile name. I'm writing on forum under that name.

4. I cannot change my in-game nickname, so I logged on il2sturmovik site via Steam. Changed my Steam name "Fireball1975" to "Blackmessiah" (notice: it is different from "Blackmessiah1975" - my first profile on il2sturmovik site.

5. Alongside with my Steam il2sturmovik content (BoS, BoM, P-40 DLC and Fw 190A-3 DLC) I am going to buy Battle of Bodenplatte, so I downloaded game installation content from il2sturmovik site, because Steam doesn't support Bodenplatte at the moment.

6. I installed the game from GreatBattles.exe installer and click "play".

7. Game asks me about email and password. I'm typing my email and password given at il2sturmovik site first registration (see point 2). Game shows it's invalid. I understand it, because I didn't buy any item from il2sturmovik store as "Blackmessiah1975".

8. I tried to type email and password from Steam but it shows it's invalid too.

9. Now it seems I have two or one doubled account.


Now my questions:


1. Can I buy Battle of Bodenplatte at il2sturmovik site store and use the serial numer or activate code on Steam? 

2. If not, can I move my il2 Steam content here and can I use only il2sturmovik site as default?


Please help me with it as soon as possible.



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Hey mate


Unsure about whether you can link your two accounts, contacting support will be your best bet.


It is always best to stick to original purchase method, unfortunately they won't have Bodenplatte until release.


Unfortunately on the website it does state that it is incompatible with Steam version, again contacting support and see what they suggest.


Edit: a few words


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