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ARMA 3: Battlefield 1942

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new mod for ARMA 3 that uses the old Iron Front for ARMA3, and a couple other mods, to recreate a real battlefield.


It’s a new mod and it looks like it could be good fun.  Completely free if you own ARMA3 too.


I look forward to taking a 190 or P-47 (there are more AC too) and doing CAS on smoke markers laid by some infantry in contact with the enemy.  Maybe a flak gun will force me to bail after an attack?  Oh well, gotta find my way back to friendly line... good thing I got a map, compass, and a .45 ACP to help me on my trek.


Some people are trying to get an event going and I thought this community may enjoy this type of sim.  We lose some stuff with the aircraft - loadouts are limited and the instrument panel needs love, but we gain a lot of other features that I’ve been wanting in our game since open beta.


Just FYI

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