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AI plane spawns and begin its route

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Question: I want to enable (not at the beginning but during the mission) an AI plane in air and then it begins to follow its waypoints.

Using proximity trigger and spawn trigger I succeed to enable an AI plane when the player enter in the radius of 10 km from it.


But the AI plane, which has a flight plan marked by WPs all object linked to it, begin to circuit without move to first WP.

I think that is to be used the OnSpawned plane to target link a command to the WP, but I'm not able to see the solution.

Only I want that the plane, as appearing in air, will fly to the next WP.

Thank you for the suggestions.



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Onspawned 'event' to first WP.

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Thad, we are in perfect harmony ... even I was looking for this event to target links to the WP1, but I do not find it among the options available for the AI plane ...

See this...


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You are correct... onspawned is not an option there.


Then I think you need to 'activate' the plane after your proximity mcu is triggered.

The aircraft must be target and object linked to the WP. I assume it is.

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Here is a way I use and it works.

Your Trigger Spawn is first activated (Through a target link) by another MCU like a Trigger Proximity or Check Zone, but it can be a Waypoint etc. 

The Trigger Spawn has an object link to the plane you want to Spawn. Check that the enabled box is not checked in the planes advanced properties. Be sure to have the right altitude set for the plane and that he is also set with the "In Air" parameter.


The the first waypoint for this spawned plane will have an object link to the plane.

The plane that will be spawned will have to have a "Report Link"  for the Type  "OnSpawned" set in two parts:

1) A command link to the Trigger Spawn

2) A Target link to the Waypoint

This in the Advanced Menu of the plane.

This is to be done for the first waypoint. The other waypoints will be connected as usual.

Do not forget to set the right speed and altitude for the plane and waypoints.

Good Luck


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