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Please implement 3 monitor support

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I have 3 monitors and if I put the game on full screen it just looks amazing. Peripheral vision really helps in combat situations, and seeing a horizon on the side monitors during intensive maneuvering makes a huge difference in situational awareness.


The problem is that in case of a 3 monitor system a UI is placed on the edges of the 2 side monitor making it hard to check, but the bigger problem is the map, it is extremely stretched and zoomed in beyond the point of usability. This prevent me to play on 3 monitors.


I would suggest in case of really wide aspect ratios to position the UI and 2D screens on the middle monitor only. Does not necessarily need and in game option. An entry in the startup cfg file is fine, anyone with 3 monitors I suspect is able to do a simple text edit.


I suggest something like this in the cfg:


resize_wide_aspect_UI = 0 / 1

UI_aspect = 16:9 / 16:10 / 4:3 ect


If set to 1 , UI is positioned according to the vertical pixel size of the resolution and the selected aspect ratio.

I'm not familiar with the implementation of the current UI but since there is a resize option in-game, I suspect this would be possible to implement.





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Problem with 3 monitors is that the screen on side ones is overstretched really hard. In 1946 there was an option in conf.ini for 3 monitor use and it was working great. The screen was not stretched then but the additional resolution was used to show more on the sides. 

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