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News from the Russian Front (IL-2 Part 53 Edition)

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Less to report this time.
From the first 452 posts here:

  • When is the Ju87 due? Prob late Feb Early March
  • Do we really have to set up our controls again? Yes.
  • Is the IL-2 gunner working? A bit but he needs a lot more work. For example, at the moment over-G affects him too much.
  • What has happened to the smoke? We've lightened it and added fires
  • Aren't the AA a bit killer? Not if you don't fly right at them and don't fly in predictable lines.
  • Can we work on getting unlocks now? The code is done but not implemented yet.
  • Do you plan the Yak-7 (as the engine and weapons are done for the 1)? No.
  • Will you show us the offline campaign before release? Yes, nothing untested gets released.
  • Yak, La screenshots? Nothing new to show externally yet
  • Why was the stream late? Because everything happened at once in the office. We could guarantee to be on time if we only updated you once a month but we want to be better than that, so it will happen sometimes. Priority was making the new build for you.
  • Getting hit by a searchlight doesn't seem to make the instrument panel brighter? It does influence it but it's not final yet. The closer you go the brighter it gets.
  • Do we really have to set up our controls again (Part 2)? It's a lot quicker if you hit the default button then make your changes.
  • What is next? The beta testers are checking multiplayer, QMB and Ju-87. They're ready when they're ready and tested.
  • Joystick behaviour not final

How to fly/CEM an IL-2 ...
Loft wrote a long piece on IL-2 CEM but as it's likely to be in the game next week I won't translate it all. Instead here are the links to the manual and training film that explain it all. 
I will just add that take-off is a lot easier if you lock the tailwheel (lever up and back) and hold the stick back during the run until you get to 100kmh.
Same in Video form:


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Nice one, love both the manual and video of the IL-2.

First time I've noticed the 'piano keys' arming switches, are they ingame as it's a nice touch as is the bomb arming panels.

What was interesting is that prior to seeing that film I thought the 37mm gun barrels ingame looked a bit thin and unrealistic. However, it's obvious that they're just right.

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All the info sounds great. I am not too disappointed by the Yak- 7 news. We are getting a very lovely Yak-1 Series 69 and I am very much look forward to taking her up in the virtual sky. The Ju-87 will be a very neat looking machine and I can not wait to hear the siren, while he is in a dive. I also can't wait to start practicing group tactics with my virtual squad in multiplayer, too. That will be a whole lot of fun.  :salute: MJ

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hey I got a question are we going to see the IL2 with the landing snow skids?

I doubt it - it was a test version only, never flew at the front AFAIK

(re Yak-7) Well that was disapponting... Maybe they want to go directly to 1B ?


No, it's the standard answer they give now to all further plane speculation before release. They have mentioned a couple in the past but I think the official line now is to not ramp up speculation until they can judge the commercial success of this product.

Relax on the multi-GPUs.

They have discussed multi-GPU's a while back on the Russian board but I'm afraid I didn't much understand it (tech jargon) so I decided to skip it until they say something official rather than risk giving duff info.

Thanks mate, really appreciate you doing this.

Thank you PP and everybody.

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