FC Skin Bundle Master FEBRUARY UPDATE   There are two ways of keeping up with skins, either manually, by downloading the Master Skin Bundle once and then just download the Mini Update, when they are released, to keep up to date, with new skins ( this update time is variable, between every few days and every week depending on how many new skins are made. Or me friend, Darkowl has a semi automatic update method, explained in this post.    Thank you Dark, for figuring this out, makes it a lot easier for people to download and keep up to date with the skin bundle updates.   FC Skin Bundle Master FEBRUARY       https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xWuEKDhc7nKwmrjxNEixI6x1pPKULGTy?usp=sharing   OR     *** if you have not got the origeneral Master FEBRUARY Update already installed, only download the Mini Update 23.01.2019 only / if you do not have Master Jan Update then download it only, no need to download Mini Update. ***   FC Bundle Mini Update 10.02.2019   https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qSwfb_f2WxB8jRcIkHKnit0DQXP-H8w1?usp=sharing         Please be aware this Master folder is over 2GB in size so will take a while for google drive to zip it prior to download, and it will download in 2 parts, due to size, please make sure you install both zip folders skins into your into your local skin folder.    Please See the new skin lists at bottom of post. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Good morning all   I would like to say a very big thanks to all skin designers, thank you for the excellent work, it is really adding a great new dimension to the game. Keep up the good work ! S! Skins are being made left and right at the moment, and being posted all over the forum, and the problem is, as i understand it is we all need the same copy, a carbon copy of the all custom skins, with the same skin name, to see all skins while in multiplayer, and there lies the problem. So , i set to work to collect all skins into one easy to download bundle, containing all the skins i can find across the threads all over the FC forum and that people have send me, i've followed all the threads, i know of, that are designing and posting FC skins on, got the consent  to place their skins in one custom skins bundle.   If i have posted any without consent, i apolligise, please contact me and i will remove them, from further updates, but, pretty sure i contacted all skin designers. if i have missed any skins out that you would like to be included, please pm me the file or files and tell me if its a playable skin ( for everyone to use) or a personal custom skin. and i will include it within a day or two, in a mini update.   You would not believe how complex it is, but have simplified it as best as i possibly can, there are two different updates A Master update, (only download once never again, only for first time bundle installation), it will start with master update Jan, i will update every month. If you already have this bundle once don't redownload the master again as it is over a 1.7 gb in size, containing over 150 to 200 Skins. And mini update, being added every few days, just as a top up to you existing skins with fresh, new skins, about 5 to 10 added every few days. Mini update will  have the date as the update number.  Please note if downloading the main bundle , it will take along time for google drive to zip the file, and will download in more than one part. Please extract both and copy and replace with both files into your skin folder.   i will post any new updates in the post and update the the first post, every time i update.   This will be from now on the only thread i will be updating the bundle on, add a new Master bundle, every month and the Mini update every few days.   i have never made a skin would not know how, so hats off to you all ! for making them, i am just simply trying to find a way of making all skins visible in game for all to see that want to see and use custom skins. Also i include every skin i can, i do not design then and an not responsible for markings or offence cause. i will not judge, mediate or censor skins, i will just post any and all FC skins, i can find.   Please note this bundle does not contain all the skins available in the game, but there is only one set that are not included, and those can be found on the following Thread.     They are really excellent skins, so do not want, you all to miss out, on these, wonderfull skins. My hat off to you Sir PatCartier, those are some mighty fine skins, you have produced there, thank you very much ! for your hard work, and the same, to all skin designers, who make FC more colourfull for everyone, thanks S!   Also if you want to show and see skins in game make sure you enable skins in the settings of the game.   S!   Thanks  paul   FC Skin Bundle Master FEBRUARY     FC Bundle Mini Update 07.02.2019