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Finally installed Blitz.

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I've had original CloD on the drives since forever.   So, can I copy/past my control assignments etc... over to Blitz?  I tried to fly Blitz for the first time today and of course I have no controls of any kind.

It's been so long since I flew CloD that I don't remember which files need to be pasted in, if it's even possible, 


Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi BlitzPig


It is possible to copy over the old config .ini files with some minor modification necessary to get it to work straight away. I wrote a guide to doing so here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27296



Hi all,
Have figured out a way of fairly painlessly remapping your controls on 4.5 Blitz Edition, instead of manually going through and rebinding everything, which can be a bit of a pain if you have many controllers. If you like what you see, read on.

You will require a text editor that is capable of finding and replacing text (Notepad included with Windows will do this) and your old 4.3 config files. This method will work with buttons and axes binded to joysticks, throttles, pedals and any other sort of USB controller used by CloD. Keyboard bindings have not changed format and will require no editing. 

Instructions are as follows:

1. Start Blitz and go into Options>Controls. There, find the unique ID for each controller you use ingame by binding a button or axis to any setting you like. Doesn't matter which, as all you are doing is noting down what the ID's for each controller are and not actually binding controls at this point.

2. Make notes of which ID corresponds to which controller on BOTH versions of CloD, i.e. write down "TWCSThrottle34GR5EA" = "Joystick2" for all the controllers. This task will be much easier if you can refer back to 4.3 to check which controller is which, but you may be able to remember or make an educated guess by looking at the .ini files.

3. Make a copy of your 4.3 confUser.ini (located in Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD) and place it in an accessible location. There, open it with your text editor of choice and use the Find and Replace feature to swap out all the "Joystick#" entries for the corresponding controller entries. For example, entries that previously were "Joystick2+Key4=dropbombs" should now appear as "TWCSThrottle34GR5EA+Key4=dropbombs".

4. Overwrite the Blitz confUser.ini with the copied 4.3 one you just modified with the new IDs.

5. Launch Blitz. All your control settings should be working.

Also note that you can carry over your other conf/confs/bldconf.ini (graphics, net settings etc) with no issues, and your user.ini is mostly intact insofar that it keeps squadrons, identification codes and gun convergences but gun loadouts may be changed due to the new/removed loadout options, and different skins may show up. New 4.5 aircraft will also be on default settings.

Hope this helps get people up and running - have fun all th_salute.gif



If you need a hand getting up to speed on the Cliffs planes and other features don't hesitate to hop on the ATAG TeamSpeak server and ask, we're a friendly bunch. :salute:

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Thanks.   I'll try to figure that out.  If not I'll just reassign it manually, it's actually not that hard, just a time sink.


Also, is there any reason to keep the 4.3 install?  Is all online play now on Blitz?

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Hello EL


The online community now almost all use the the TF 4.54 version of the game.

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