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[FANTASY FOR SALE] B-24 Liberator $38,000

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11 hours ago, SPEKTRE76 said:

REAL 1946 Advert.


No it's not.  Look right at the bottom lines of this 'advert'.


However,  there was a real story here.  Anyone know where this originally published? 

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4 hours ago, raaaid said:

to be real or not to be real that is the question


anyway wouldnt it make sense to sell the war surplus that can be civilized for usefull cash?



     After the end of WWII, thousands of surplus airframes such as the C-47 transport (DC-3) and AT-6 trainers were dumped on the civilian market and caused the major aircraft manufactures to lose millions of dollars in sales of new aircraft. To avoid this from happening again, the U.S. Government no longer sells surplus aircraft to the civilian market. As an example, after Viet Nam the Uh-1 Huey Helicopter could not be certified for civilian commercial flying although many were transferred to local, state, and federal government agencies such as fire and police departments. The FAA said the UH-1 did not meet the airworthiness standards for civilian certification although it was basically the same aircraft being produced  as the Bell 204 by Bell Helicopter.  


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