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Anti virus issue with Patch 4.54

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Hello guys ,


I just installed the game and the avast anti virus detected Launcher64.exe as virus ???

Do you have any solution to this ???

Thank you for answer :) 






- Some people who are running AVG or AVAST Anti-Virus are having problems with them blocking the game from running. Solutions: Add an exception in the AV program for the 64 bit launcher .exe in the main folder. If you still continue to have problems, then you may need to uninstall the Anti-Virus program, (delete all folders after uninstall), then restart your computer, run the game once, then re-install the Anti-Virus and add the CoD-Blitz launcher .exe to the exceptions before running the game again.  Launcher is the file with the blue and red rondel.

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We've received some reports on this. I know that it is trustworthy: I compiled it. It is probably a heuristic false positive, as on virustotal.com Avast does not complain. What you can do is configure launcher64.exe as trustworthy in AVAST until it's databases have been updated.

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