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Some advice please from thrustmaster 16000m FCS HOTAS owners?

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Hi chaps,

My trusty old X52 died on me a short while ago, whilst sourcing a replacement I came across the Thrustmaster 16000m FCS HOTAS and snapped it up in a sale, i'm looking for some advice from current users if possible?

First up, Are there any known mods to the throttle to make it smoother? i'm used to the X52's arc rather than the sliding, though i've slacked off the tension it is a bit juddery...

Primarily though my issue is the Joystick, I'm fighting with it a fair bit and the inputs are really dramatic, it's very hard to get a smooth correction in game and therefore my gunnery (which already poor) is suffering.

are there any tips on sensetivity/filters i should be using? i know about the zip tie mod but i believe that causes dead zone issues so i'd like to hold off on that for now.




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Is know that the pompous S.M.A.R.T system  (Sliding Motion Advanced Rail Tracks) on TWCS (and TFFP) are not an too smart solution and suffer from stiction.


An common workaround is replace the grease in rails for one with better quality.




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I don't think any grease is a good solution. Simply reduce your throttles Friction Adjustment Screw [#7 in image] way down. It's located on the bottom of the throttle base. My handle Slides smoothly. I can push it forward and back with one finger and experience no stiction. This with the base sitting on a smooth table top. The base doesn't budge.




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You might try a spring zip-tie mod on the stick. Out of the box it has too strong a centering action making it difficult to make fine adjustments around Center. The sensors themselves are great but mechanically it’s hard to move close to zero. Google zip tie mod to see what I mean. I had medium success with this on my old T16000m stick. The other option is even more of a hack which is to make an extension for the stick, adding precision. I’ve seen pictures, there might be a guide out there.

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the links and suggestions.

Throttle wise, i've found a reasonable setting on the tension screw but it's still jerky for small changes and quite easy to push around by accident so i'll be looking at silicon based lubricants and possibly a change in the tensioning bar, it appears to have flat pads on it?

Stick wise, I have seen the zip tie mod, i am however reluctant as it can cause issues with the centering and thus i'll have to deadzone it a fair bit, for refined control I ran the Vjoy and the joystick response curves app found here: https://xedocproject.com/joystickcurves.html

i'm still messing with the settings but i'm not wrestling my plane anywhere near as much now.

i'll update once I have tweaked it a little more.


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