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Labeled IL-2 Cockpit


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Hi all,


This morning I made a quick cockpit guide like my LaGG-3 and Bf 109 F-4 ones. Anything in Red is stuff I'm not sure what to label, so if anyone knows post here and I'll make the requisite changes.


I'll be making an IL-2 famililarisation next weekend, so keep an eye out for when that's released on my YouTube channel.








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Looking forward to your  IL-2 familiarization next weekend.

Thank you.


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Great job, as always :salute:


EDIT: 666 posts?! Damn, I'd better make another post :(

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In the first image, D controls the brightness of the instrument panel lighting, and E controls the brightness of the cockpit lighting. "Vibrator" would probably better translate as being "light switch," seeing as the two knobs next to it control lighting.

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A, B, C, and D in the last image are the cocking levers for the machine guns and cannon.

Excuse me while I act immaturely.

Heh. Vibrator.

Ok, I'm back.




Please, if you have nothing mature to add to the thread, just stay out of it.

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Please, if you have nothing mature to add to the thread, just stay out of it.

Like I said, that's the only time I'm going to be immature in this thread... unless of course something vaguely sexual comes up, in which case I revert to acting like all the normal 14 year olds.

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Lighten up, Luke. ItsIt's just a joke.


About flaps, I could only deploy them fully or not at all. Did anyone else have this? I may have muffed my input settings.

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Cheers guys, made the fixes.



Lighten up, Luke. ItsIt's just a joke.

About flaps, I could only deploy them fully or not at all. Did anyone else have this? I may have muffed my input settings.

Yeah it looks like it's either all or none. According to the IL-2 pilot's manual I believe they deployed the flaps once established on final approach. I've been doing that and my landings have been working out pretty well.

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Am I the only one the pics stopped working for?

They should be fine. I haven't done anything to them and I still see them in the first post.

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Image 1 Electrical Systems switch marked red just to the left of the bomb station indicator lights is the Battery On/Off switch.  Source: HOW TO FLY IL-2. PILOT’S INSTRUCTIONS Film production: Red Army Air Force Research Institute, 4th Department, 1943


Link: http://www.allworldwars.com/videos/IL-2%20Pilot%20Manual/How-to-fly-IL-2-Sturmovik-1943.html

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The switch to the right of the "Spotlight Switch" you have marked is also an "electrical" on off....don't know which one yet but the same film above show shutting those two (the switch mentioned here and the battery switch I reference in post #21) off (down) during engine shutdown at the end of the video.  Sorry for multiple posts..wouldn't let me edit the one above to include this info in it.

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From the attached diagram from the original cockpit layout..I've translated so far:


Top Row:

15 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ ФаРЫ = Switch Headlights




Bottom Row:

26 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ Термометров = Switch Thermometers
17 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ аККУМУЛЯТОРа = Switch Battery
27 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ обогрева трубки Пито = Switch Heated Pilot Tube
28 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ рации = Switch Radio

30 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ обогрева сбрасыВАТеЛЯ= Switch Heating Kicker
29 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ шасси



термо = Thermo
аккум = Batteries
пито = Pilot
рация = Radio

шасси = Undercarriage


ПЕРЕДНИ БАК = Front Tank
БЕНЗИН = Gasoline
ЗАДН БАК = Rear Tank

ЗАКРЫТ = Close


ЩИТКИ = Flaps

ПОДНЯТО = Raised (metal plate at base of flaps handle)





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Flight Yoke:

58 кнопка бомбосбрасыания = Button Bombosbrasyaniya (Bomb Button)
59 гашетка для стрельбы из пушек = Trigger for firing cannons
60 гашетка для стрельбы из пулеметов = Trigger for firing guns
61 предохранитель гашеток = Fuse Gashetok(Triggers)
62 тормозной рычаг = Brake Lever
63 кнопка для стрельбы снарядами = Button for Firing Projectiles (Rocket Button)

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So I'm working a complete translation of the cockpit graphic...here's my work in progress


This site won't let me upload the excel sheet...pm me if you want a copy in current format..tried text tab delimited and won't do that either as an attachment.


It will probably post as a hodge podge..but the numbers are all accurate to the cockpit graphic...so say 60 in Cyrillic is good with 60 in English...


Don't trust the Cyrillic spelling if the translation doesn't look like it is fully in english... decided to do a picture to text conversion to speed it up ..then use google translator. 


Not as fast as I would like..but faster than I can type in Russian since I am historically QWERTY..... but not all the Cyrillic was detected accurately...so hand-jam I must since I'm not a native

Russian Speaker/Reader....






Russian English 1 Index of Pressurization 
1 Index of Pressurization
2 счетчик оборотов.  2 rev counter . 3 терыоне+р воды. 3 + p teryone water. 4 териоыетр влодящого масла.. 4 terioyetr vlodyaschogo oil .. 5 гренмрепочиый индикатор. 5 grenmrepochiy indicator . б ензиио Чер. b enziio Cher . 7 уналатоль скорости. 7 unalatol speed. 8 компас. 8 compass . 9 вяриомегр. 9 vyariomegr . 10 еыоотонор. 10 eyootonor . 11 Пионер. Pioneer 11 . 12 авиагоризоиг. 12 aviagorizoig . 13 переклюатсл магнето. 13 pereklyuatsl magneto. 14 кнопка енбраторв. 14 enbratorv button .
15 headlight switch
16 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ ХВОСТОВОГО ОГНЯ 16 SWITCH TAIL OF FIRE 17 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ аККУМУЛЯТОРа 17 battery switch 18 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ AHOH 18 switches AHOH 19 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ AHOH 19 switches AHOH 20 вольтмогр. 20 voltmogr . 21 чдсы. 21 chdsy . 22 родотнв включения подсветд ПБП1. 22 rodotnv inclusion podsvetd PBP1 . 23 сигнальные ЛаипОчКИ 23 signal LaipOchKI 24 сИГИаПИЭДЦМр сброса 24 sIGIaPIEDTsMr reset 25 кнопка сигиалиаацнн бомб. 25 button sigialiaatsnn bombs. 26 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ Термометров
26 Switches Thermometers
27ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ обогрева трубки Пито
27 Pilot tube heating switch
28 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ рации 28 switches the radio 29 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ сигнализации шасси. 29 signaling switch chassis. 30 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ обогрева сбрасыВАТеЛЯ 30 heating switch kickers 31 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ вибратора 31 switches vibrator 32  ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ освещения приборной Доски.
32 lighting switch dashboard.
33 ВЫКЛЮЧаТЕЛЬ освещения кабины. 
33 switches cabin lighting.
34  радиоприемник.
34 radio.
35 переключатель бензиномеров
35 gasoline gauge switch 
36 рукоятиа пожарного крана.
36 Stick a fire hydrant.
37 ивнонетр баппона цпусна.  37 ivnonetr bappona tspusna . 38 прицел П6П1. 38 P6P1 sight . 39 н4тушка тоыииеои. 39 n4tushka toyiieoi . 40  рукоятка нориапьиого гвЭх. 40 handle noriapiogo gvEh . 41 рукоятка оысогнаго корректора.  41 handle oysognago corrector. 42 солрииигельиый краи. 42 solriiigeliy extremities . 43 ториознод краи. 43 torioznod extremities . 44  руноятид нраии швссх. 44 runoyatid nraii shvsskh . 45 рукоятка крана щитков.  45 tap handle flaps . 46  дополиыгопьныР кран. 46 dopoliygopnyR crane . 47 МриоыОТД перезарядки. 47 MrioyOTD recharge. 48  идноиетр ааполнеиил. 48 idnoietr aapolneiil . 49  ианонегр порояарлдки. 49 ianonegr poroyaarldki . 50  спСциальиый кран. 50 spStsialiy crane . 51 штураальчни шторки оодорлдиогора. 51 shturaalchni oodorldiogora blinds . 52 аапориыр нови. Aaporiyr 52 nov . 53 УаЧОУСТр бортового баллона. 53 UaChOUSTr airborne balloon. 54 идиоиегр тормозов. 54 idioiegr brakes. 55 наноетр воадушиоА сети. 55 nanoetr ​​voadushioA network. 56 штуревпьчии управ ления шагом винта 56 shturevpchii tion control pitch propeller 57 педяль псивя 57 pedyal psivya 58 кнопка бомбосбрасыания
58 button bombosbrasyaniya
59 гашетка для стрельбы из пушек 59 trigger for firing cannons 60 гашетка для стрельбы из пулеметов 60 trigger to fire from machine guns 61 предохранитель гашеток 61 fuse gashetok 62 тормозной рычаг 62 brake lever 63 кнопка для стрельбы снарядами 63 button for firing projectiles 64 пОАалл прввав. 64 pOAall prvvav . 65 рукоятка аварийного сбрасывателя
65 ejector handle emergency
66 сигнальная лампочка 66 indicator lamp 67 нраиии системы еилуеив. 67 nraiii eilueiv system . 68 оаспРЕДплытегьный кран. 68 oaspREDplytegny crane . 69 плунжер бензонасоса. 69 fuel pump plunger . 70 воздушный ираи 70 air irai 71 рукоятка лебедки аварийного дыпусил шасси. 71 winch handle emergency dypusil chassis. 72 рычаги перезарядки пушок и пулеметов. 72 levers down and reloading guns. 73 рукоятка продохранюспр ПИевУОПОроЯарлдки. 73 handle prodohranyuspr PIevUOPOroYaarldki . 74 рукоятка упраолсиид шторками мпслорддиагора. 74 handle upraolsiid mpslorddiagora trailers . 75 иинроrcлегроииыд щитом.  75 iinrorclegroiiyd shield. 76  рукоятка сТОПОра костыл Я. 76 handle stopper J. Costa 77 рефлектор кабинной лампочки 77 Reflector Bulbs the Cabin 78 эсбр-зп бомб 78 ESBR-sn Bombs (with label (Б = B) 79 эсбр-зп снарядов 79 ESBR-sn shells (with label PO = RO)
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Thanks for the assistance Aldo! I've made your changes and additions. I know what it's like having to do the russian alphabet manually for translations. That's how I figured out most of these, copying individual letters is a pain, so don't kill yourself over this as I think the essential pieces are covered. Unless they make clickable pits in the future we won't really be interacting with any of these switches.



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Hi Requiem,


I rely on your fantastic labeled cockpits - huge thanks for them!


What font are you using? I sometimes like to add additional notes to myself, and the designer in me would like my additional notes to match your font. :)



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No worries guys, the labeling is the relatively easy part (even when trying to decipher Russian). The famil videos are what take up many hours to make.

Charlo the font is called "Eraserdust."

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