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Single Player carrer mod of BOS & BOK pb with the formation AI of bomber of Lufwaffe

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Career mod Stalingrad and Kuban.

1 °) Problem with the AI formations of JU 87.

Since these last patches, when I make a career listed Russian, the formations of JU 87 in mission of interception of bombers do not pose a pb, the formations of Ju87 are complete.
In the interceptions of ground attacks, however, I meet one or two isolated JU87 escorted by 2 or 4 BF109, it is not realistic the JU87 should be in formation of 6 to 12 aircrafts approximately, as for the bomber missions.

2 °) In mission of interception of bombers AI I meet JU87 but never formation of HE111 and JU 88 ... whereas these at the beginning of the campaign of Stalingrad bombing many times the city and the passages of the Volga.

It's a historic lack

3 °) I never meet AI training of BF 110 and P 40.

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