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[Spitfire Mk.Vb] 4K - No.340 Sqn, Commandant Emile "François" Fayolle

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No.340 Sqn  "Ile de France"

Commandant Emile "François" Fayolle

GW-Y, EN908, B Flight

September 1942




Il-2-12-28-2018-6-15-36-PM-989.png Il-2-12-28-2018-6-15-55-PM-841.png Il-2-12-28-2018-6-17-21-PM-577.png

Il-2-12-28-2018-6-17-40-PM-929.png Il-2-12-28-2018-6-18-28-PM-922.png Il-2-12-28-2018-6-20-00-PM-585.png






DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v33oe65djxr6s5h/No.340+Sqn_GW-Y_4K.zip





  • Slightly different camo pattern than the stock template for 'variation'.
  • Hand painted nose stripes, Lorianne Cross, numerals and code letters for a more natural realistic look.
  • Real tire tread added.
  • Real metal propeller blade leading edge and prop blade decals.
  • 15% paint fade to match weathering
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Would anyone like to see more of this squadron?

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Yeah buddy. I’ll be on the hunt for more historical photos. 

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