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Info on when could this be and what squadron B-26

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Serching for B-26 operations over italy i stumbled on this picture of B-26 that say its from Foggia




from what i could see B-26s units in Italy operated from Corsica, Sardinia and Tunisia in 43-44-45, i could not see any operated from Foggia complex airbases



what could be tail number #83 or #88, and serial numbermaybe 243237?


should be from 319th Bombardment Group, 440th Bombardment Squadron or 320th Bombardment Group, 441st Bombardment Squadron but numbers dont match, also i could not see any info that they were in Foggia bases






or maybe by checking B-26 serial numbers here http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html

#88 42-43276 B-26B-40-MA Marauder, but also not in Foggia and it says its 441st BS for that one, but from what i see they didnt have that high tail numbers


so im wodering is that picture maybe from Corsica or Sardinia airbase and not from Foggia


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Thanks for the link for that book, it has good info and al at one place and all same info from web links.

No mention there also that any B-26 squadron was at Foggia at any point.


Reading now this https://www.39-45.org/videos/3945/CA073.pdf B-26 Marauder Units of the MTO, some nice pictures there also

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