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How to get started with mods

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I've been browsing this forum and while I think most of the information is around, I think it would be useful to have it all in one spot. Since I'd probably be writing more wrongs than rights at the moment, may I ask for your help? Maybe this can evolve into some sort of sticky guide or FAQ type of topic.


1) Would it be possible for one of the experienced guys to give a compact step by step description of what to do in order to start modding BoX? Where to get the tools, how to install them and so on.

2) Another interesting point would be a summary of what it allowed/possible with the tools available.

3) A short summary of how to use mods.


Any input appreciated!

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1) You can start download unGTP-IL2.zip from here:


Put unGTP-IL2.exe inside data folder in:

..\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data

then drag and drop an gtp files one by one over the program (unGTP-IL2.exe) which will create a folder called "null" inside your data folder, with all extracted files

inside "null" folder. The rest depends on your skills and imagination.

2) Most modifiable files are texture files, many of the other files are encrypted, and adding 3d models and adding code are not allowed.

3)  Enable MODS in your game settings-->Game-->Enable mods
Download JSGME from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/631jcvtb8s2hznj/JSGME_version_2.6.0.zip and install it in the main Il-2 directory
Create MODS folder in the main Il-2 directory and put you MODS inside it.
Run JSGME and enable the mod by choosing them in the left side window and press the arrow  to move (enable) the MOD to the right side window.

Close JSGME and run your game.




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