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Tiger Moth Shoot-Up #2

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Hey everyone!!

If you attended the first Moth swat you'll know you don't want to miss the next one.

NOW with the chance to get your name engraved into the Moth Cup. Next to the first winner Tibsun



So if you're not to hungover on January 1st, come join us for another Tiger Moth Shoot up!!

Starting at 21:00GMT

This time we will plan for 16 participants, but what we all found out in the first one was that watching the fight over head from the ground was as much if not even more fun. th_alc.gif

So if you would like to come and just watch from a spawned in plane, mark down "Spectator" and come see the action first hand.

Event Itinerary

- Everyone try and get on TS 15-20 min before start

- @2100GMT we will walk through the start up of the Tiger Moth (can be tricky for some) (5-10min)

- Everyone taxi to their starting spots (5min)

- Run 1vs1 (16 fight's @ 3-5min each) (50-70min)

- Take off at the same time (head to head, or together) then turn and fight to the death over the airfield.

- Free-For_All for the remaining time.(Open to all if we get more then 16) (15-30 min+)

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