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Developer Diary, Part 53

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Absolutely a stunning update!

Maybe this update happened earlier, as I haven't been testing in a while, but what I really find amazing this time is the interaction with TrackIr!

I have NEVER felt so "being inside" a cockpit as I felt this time!


2 german AA left burning after my 1st test run...


Stunned, amazed and loving your great work!!


Now imagine this with the final Oculus Rift!  :cool:

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Ready and waiting for the live feed...


Hate having to re-do all my controls and keys... hope this doesn't happen too often!  But satisfying when it's done...a bit like housework or cleaning the car!


At last the IL2 in IL2:BoS...wonder what load outs we'll get... can't wait for all the new explosions!


Have a great valentines all.



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ATTENTION: All input settings will be wiped with the up-coming update. Please, do NOT try to back up the recent configuration and replace the new one - reconfigure settings from scratch.


Does this warning mean I'll have to reprogram all HOTAS button bindings or does this mean I'll reselect graphics/sound settings. Or yes to EVERYTHING?


And for those of wondering, yes I operate under the premise, "there are no dumb questions."

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Gents, I'm glad you're playing already. That's basically the reason why we need to postpone the English stream for a bit more (an hour or so). I'll post an update when we're ready to start.

Sorry for delay, a lot of very important stuff is happening here at the same time.

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