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IL-2 Attacking a German Airbase December 1941

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This area is about 70 miles southwest of Moscow (Note: Army Group Center was only 20 miles away from Moscow, it was said they could see Moscow Red Square from their location). This is shown from a Luftwaffe ground personal viewpoint. I flew one of the IL-2 in this raid but I was forced to disengage due to Aileron damage. That happened simply because I broke the number 7 rule of RAF Ace Adolph Malan. My Aircraft appears at

1:29 (Dropping the bomb)

2:29 (Hitting the fuel depots)

3:45 (Final pass and  getting hit, bugged out westward to a friendly Forward Russian base)


Out of the 7 Il-2 of the 62nd ShAP that left that day. 2 crashed in enemy territory (2 experienced pilots were declared MIA). 1 aircraft (me) diverted to a friendly base to the west (which was dangerously close to the front, you could hear the guns from there) and landed. But the aircraft was heavily damaged, the Russians were forced to destroy it when the base was evacuated a day later. Plus that base was a MiG-3 fighter base not a Il-2 base. There mechanics had no experience on the Il-2s. The mission was however a success. It hampered the German Forces in this area.





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Well that makes a change -  a whole attack from the point of view on the ground. Excellent stuff :good:. The flak reminded me of the films of US carriers under attack by kamikazes; if BoMidway ever gets made then we're going to see that effect in spades. Cheers.


PS Good to see the ground personnel not giving a fig about the attack and nonchalantly walking about as an Il-2 bears down on them! :biggrin:

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