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Tiger Moth Shoot-Up Championship

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Hey everyone,

Had such a blast on the first Tiger Moth event with all of you. 

So decided to donate some of my time to make something for the winner/winners.

ATAG's Tiger Moth World Championship!!!Trophy_SS_11.thumb.jpg.167ca0e737ab3dd65f6a533161372a60.jpgTrophy_SS_13.thumb.jpg.fd20f5ce0f07e15c47bd5905175466f1.jpgTrophy_SS_12.thumb.jpg.48fa1bb3d581647d96a2569217667858.jpgTrophy_SS_15.thumb.jpg.1fcb3467e1fc3896541a557fb97be229.jpgTrophy_SS_14.thumb.jpg.fc2ca6d8dcf2dd18b66d44d1c0326bd7.jpgTrophy_SS_16.thumb.jpg.4c0bb407f11713311e1e777e70ff41ff.jpg


Names will be added, and I'll add new renders here

Keep and eye out for next months sign up.:drinks:

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