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Box doesn´t recognize Joystick Gremlin

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I use joystick gremlin and it works. But it was troublesome to bind those new axis to BoS. BoS was seeing the regular joystick axis and then the new virtual axis. After many tries I got the BoS to pick the virtual axis instead of the original axis. It helped when I did not move the axis from 0-100% but like 10-90% of the movement range.


Maybe there is more elegant way to bind those virtual axis?

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Did you try using the Input Repeater in Joystick Gremlin?
So, turn Input Repeater on. Go to Il-2, press the button on the throttle console, this makes Joystick Gremlin repeat the command it sends while the actual console button press isn't sent. Then just click the input you want to bind in Il-2.

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