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IL2 firend loss

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It is with great sadness that I pass on to you that our friend and flying mate “Mongoose” Ralph Jimenez passed away yesterday morning at 3:30 AM from heart failure.  I received a call from his wife today and she asked me to please let you know of his passing.  He had been undergoing treatment for a tumor in his lung for the past couple of months and while in the hospital went into cardiac arrest.


He was a true friend of all of us that fly IL2 and was deeply involved in the development and creation of WWII Bomber aircraft and historic paint schemes.  He also was the go to person on anything involving WWII units in the Mediterranean theater of war.  He actually found my uncles unit, his aircraft and crew plus the missions he flew.  Goose was an amazing individual and so very talented.


I will miss him - we will all miss him.   



Dave B


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Really sad news. :(


His bombers models were great, his background knowledge amazing - and he was a great guy to chat with on the net.



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