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Spitfire IX and XVI jetkillers skin suggestions

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Hi folks,


here are some Spitfire jetkillers. Maybe some of you want to do a skin ?



Spitfire   IX MK686/ DB-L of Flt   Lt   J   J Boyle, No   411 Sqn RCAF, B88 Heesch, Holland, 25   December 1944 Flying this aircraft soon after midday on Christmas Day 1944, 22-year-old Flt   Lt   John Boyle received the ultimate Christmas present when, over his base at Heesch as he returned from a sortie, he sighted an Me   262. He had encountered a jet two days earlier, but had only managed to damage it. On this occasion, however, Boyle set the machine on fire and Oberleutnant Hans-Georg Lamle of I./ KG( J)   51 subsequently crashed to his death. This aircraft was the second of Boyle’s six victories. MK686 was later transferred to the French Armée de l’Air.



Spitfire IX PV213/ AH-W of Capt   K   D   H Bolstad, No   332 (Norwegian) Sqn, B79 Woensdrecht, Holland, 14   January 1945 Having joined No   332 Sqn as a second lieutenant in 1943, Capt   Kåare Bolstad had been promoted to command ‘B’ Flight by January 1945. During a sweep in company with fellow Norwegian-manned No   331 Sqn on 14   January 1945, Spitfires from both units became engaged with the fighter cover near Rheine airfield. At least five Me   262s were also seen, and diving down, Bolstad claimed his second victory when he destroyed one of the jets. He was promoted to command his squadron soon afterwards but on 3   April he was shot down by flak and killed whilst strafing (in PT834) near Zwolle, in Holland. PV213 had also been destroyed by then, the Spitfire being lost to unknown causes during a sweep on 16   February.



Spitfire IX ML141/ YO-E of Flg   Off   D   W Church, No   401 Sqn RCAF, B88 Heesch, Holland, 23   January 1945 On 23   January 1945, Flg   Off   Don Church was on a sweep in ML141/ YO-E when he spotted Ar   234s of III./ KG   76 taking off from Bramsche. Diving in after the Arado bombers, Church succeeded in sending one crashing to its destruction for his fifth, and final, claim, three of which were for aircraft destroyed. In a very successful action, other pilots shot down two more Ar   234s and damaged three more, whilst five were damaged on the ground. Church survived the war but ML141 fell victim to light flak whilst strafing a train near Hamburg on 25   April, its pilot bailing out.



Spitfire XVI TD147/ JF-E of Wg   Cdr   J   F Edwards, No   127 Wing, B154 Soltau, Germany, 29   April 1945 During the last days of the war in Europe, Wg   Cdr  ‘ Eddie’ Edwards, who was one of the leading Canadian aces of the conflict, returned to action as the Wing Leader of No   127 Wing. On one of his first sorties (on 29   April) when flying TD147, which was marked as his personal aircraft, he had two combats and succeeded in damaging an Me   262 – his only claim against a jet. The next day he opened fire on another Me   262, but it climbed away and escaped. Edwards had a full career in the post-war RCAF and eventually became a group captain, whilst TD147 was transferred to the Royal Hellenic Air Force in 1949.

Chapis, Stephen; Thomas, Andrew. Allied Jet Killers of World War 2 (Aircraft of the Aces). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle-Version. 

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Yes please, show the Spitfire some love too!

I really hope some of the talented skin artists around here would pick a few of these.:fly:

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I am just about finished doing the P-47D skins, two to go which should be ready by this weekend


I'll make a skin pack with all 4, all of  MkIXe version.

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