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Alternative payment options for the Russian site

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I'm trying to buy BoBp and Kuban together through the webstore.


The problem is that I'm an expat living in Russia; I've got the money on my British card to buy the stuff but, if I use the English webstore, I'm told there are "no supported payment methods for your region," whereas if I go through the Russian site, my card is rejected as an invalid payment method. I tried using AmazonPay but that also didn't work.

For some reason neither site offered me the chance to use PayPal; I have both a British and Russian PayPal account (separate) and they both work on other sites.

So what gives? I just want to give 1C my money but they're making it bleedin' difficult to do so. I'd just buy things through Steam but BoK isn't on sale there and BoB isn't available.

So, yeah, 1C, please get in touch with me and give me instructions on how to get money off my British card and into your wallets. Because I'd very much like to make you ever-so-slightly richer but barriers are being thrown in my way :(

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One would think the developers would be all over this problem. It is affecting real sales income. 😐

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