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2nd Request for Community participation in Server test Dec. 8th

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Hello All

Thanks to all who participated in the Server test on November 17th... it was very helpful for our programmers. thumbup.gif

We have made some changes to the program and would like to test these.... this time on ATAG Server 1.

Date is December 8th. Time is 1900 GMT.

Just show up with the standard CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ 4.53 installation.

We will have a more entertaining server setup than last time. grin.gif

Total time will be approx. 1 hour.


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A reminder:


Our 2nd stress test is going today at 1900 GMT for 1 hour on the ATAG 1 server.


If you can show up, it would be much appreciated.


Thanks to all!  ✌️

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