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Thoughts on the Pacific


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Just a few things I noticed or have been pondering,

  At some point the addition of Burma and China.  This would give a good land based map but also bring in other nationalities of pilots.  I notice that alot of European pilots really dont get into the Pacific because many game systems only focus on the US/Japanese fight,  I would love to see the flying tigers over china and British and Australians over Burma and the islands

   Hopefully when carriers do arrive we get a little sample of the different kinds,  not just all Essex class.  some of the light carriers and such would be interesting.

   I saw an earlier thread about the map size Bodenplatte to pacific areas and was pleasantly surprised on the grouping of islands and tactical areas on one map, as one map can handle a long and varied series of missions.


  oh and just a shameful plug....F4U Corsair for the win 

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