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Virtual Pilots Group for casual flying - Join us!

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Hi all,
Our group decided to switch from DCS to Il-2 Sturmovik ( WWII topic ).

We are inviting you to join our international group for casual flights.


  • RED side only
  • Your experience is not important
  • You fly when you have a time. There is no obligation to attend on particular days in the style of – “you must present on Friday evening …”.
  • We don’t have the strong hierarchy. We practice command on a rotational basis
  • Different time of flights because we are from different countries.


How it works and more details you can find on OUR SITE

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Our group continues to fight the enemy...


TAW server. The fire concentrated on the cockpit of the enemy bomber...



A survivor is trying to escape, but too late...



Victory will be ours!

Join us!

Our site: http://virtual-pilots.com/

How to connect our TS: HERE


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A cooperative flight for bombing enemy ground forces. LOL we are speaking in parallel in two TS clients simultaneously... My brain was really overheated!  🤣



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