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Multiplayer chat messages

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Is there a way to keep the multiplayer chat messages displayed for a longer period while in game or to show them again? I know you can see the whole chat history if you go back to the lobby, but obviously I don't want to finish the flight early just to read the messages. Is there any other way?


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I really hope this gets addressed, its damn annoying that basic chat features in this game are so poorly implemented currently. (its not a big deal to code this sort of thing).


even an adjustable delay on messages would be a huge help...(that would be damn easy to implement)

Especially as multiplayer is what keeps ppl coming back and staying....
I know mplay is getting some love in the next update , but I feel , its prob not going to satisfy enough...
Fingers x'd

In cliffs of dover (and I've only played that a few times) in game info is configurable on the client... and its very good.

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