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Tiger of the 8th Kompanie, Das Reich.

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This time a historical skin for a Tiger of the 8th Kompanie, Das Reich in Russia during April of 1943.294310969_Tiger823.jpg.d78bc37ca1b7e9463a9ef99521f915b1.jpg1033588176_Tiger8232.jpg.a648bd43e397a5b6cc4b71134ec3f8dc.jpg




Updated skin, more damage, lighter tone and some paint...  oops




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1 hour ago, gaga54jacdal said:



Please let me know how to install the skind for the tIGER


Many thanks

kind regards




This is quite simple - just go into the skins folder and create a folder called "_pzvi-h1". Drop the skin into this new folder

and you're done - no need to activate MODS ON in the game. It just works fine like this.



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