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Types of ammo effective against which targets ?

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Perhaps there’s already a thread about this or a readme that I haven’t seen, but we have quite a few ammo choices & machine gun & gun options in the new tanks and I’m not sure what is effective against what.I imagine the MG against soft targets like vehicles or perhaps artillery crews but what about high explosive rounds? Are there targets that these rounds more effective over a certain area (say a battery of guns,) or targets farther away? Targets for amour piercing rounds are obvious -tanks, but at least with the Tiger we have several choices of these as well & I have no idea which would be best against which tanks or at which ranges...or is there really any difference in game play at all? I’m just sayin’

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Unfortunately, such details have not been presented to us yet.


But, if the developers stick with presenting craft/weapons with basically historical capabilities, one should be able to research the actual weapon and or ammo types to better determine how it will or should be used in that game. 

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General rule is that APCR or Hartkern or HVAP munitions is useless around 1000 meters, after that range standard AP is more useful, and is only useful on heavy armored target.


For example on german side, PzG. 40 will be useless in Tiger ausf H1, because the most soviet heavy armoured target will be the KV-1S, a tank that you can easily perforate with PzG. 39.


About HEAT shell, do not use it. They "were not used" at this time because generally penetrate less than KE projectile and they always ricochet or not explode on impact, because they were fired at high velocity and their fuze in projectile head generally broke when impacting armor. 


Simple rule:

- AP, APC, APBC, APCBC and their variant with filled HE are for armoured vehicle: tank, self propelled gun, self propelled artillery.

- APCR (HVAP), APCNR, APDS: heavy armoured tank, in fact those you can't perforate with standard ammo.

- HE: trucks, infantry, fortified fighting position, artillery, building, fragile armoured vehicle's part (tracks, wheel, gun, low protection compartment)

- MG: infantry, trucks.

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The Sabot (PzGR 40) is freaking awesome in-game.










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3 hours ago, Jade_Monkey said:

A little secret: use HE for everything, Until they tweak the ammo types, right now HE beats them all. It's a bug obviously.


Was that it? Because online, I get one shot in a Tiger by T-34s quite frequently. Any particular spot where to hit the Tiger?

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