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Losing Joystick, Rudder Pedals & Throttle Quadrant Mappings? Potential solution.

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A common reason people can lose their joystick settings is due to Windows 10 and the power settings for the joystick/pedals.

Windows 10 will turn off the power to these peripherals "...to save power." 

As a result, all the joystick programming is lost.

You can solve this 'helpful' Windows 10 feature by going into the Device Manager and unchecking the box to allow this power saving.


- Right click on the windows logo at the bottom of your page, select 'Device Manager'.

- Open 'Human Interface Devices'

- Right click on each device... select 'Properties'

- Select the 'Power Management' tab

- Uncheck the box which allows Windows to turn off the device to save power

Hopefully this will solve the issue with losing joystick/controller programming.

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