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Windows 10 and .net framework 3.5

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Hey guys,


I just bought and set up a new gaming rig in anticipation of getting back into IL2, however as I am flying I get continuous pop ups stating that I need to install .net framework 3.5, when I click install from within the popup it presents me with error code 0x800F0950


I have Windows 10 installed and in windows features .net framework 4.7 is selected as default,  when I try to check the box for 3.5 it says it needs to install, when I try to download it from there it gives me the same error code.


I do not have a cd/dvd drive, and the computer came with the windows 10 cd, not a usb


Does anyone have any idea what to do? There seem to be various ideas on google but it seems rather tricky...very frustrating as I have a few days off to get back into IL2 and I am stuck trying to figure this out.


Thanks in advance

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I'm not 100% sure, but did you try to uncheck the framework 4.7 and then to install framework 3.5?


Normally the features of framework 3.5 should be integrated in framework 4.7. Older programs or programs

based on older technology might have some problem here as they're pointing/expecting framework 3.5.


Well, I suggest to do or try the following:


- Try deactivating framework 4.7, then download and install framework 3.5

- If step 1 doesn't work, then try the hard way and uninstall framework 4.7,

  then download and install framework 3.5. Check if IL2 works OK, then

  download framework 4.7 and install it again.


I hope, this will help you to resolve this issue. I had a similar problem some month ago with another app.

But I chose the hard way then right from the beginning.



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Control Panel > Uninstall or change a program > side menu: Turn Windows features on/off: tick here 3.5 (you don't need to uninstall or disable 4.7)

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