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It all came back to me....

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Accidentality re installed RoF  and then went through the "rebind and figure out the controls" dance. :- )


and got back into the  ACTION!

Heck. Even after quite a few months the magic was still there!

Halb DII vs Camel, N17 vs DR1 and then N28 vs D7f. Phew!

Lots of nonsense and having a blast was had. Yey!


The most vexing thing is how do you kill a D7f with an N28 when you are

higher than it? I can never seem to get that to pan out. In fact it's a real bug bear.

If they keep wiggling around then it's a dead cert that I will lose...

Sure if they have their eyes closed and fly in a straight line I should be able to

dive down behind them and strafe ... but no D7f pilot will let you do that!


Ha! Back to whinging! Get Knicked!


The glory of tailing a Dr1 in a N17 GBR. It's super! Tat tat tat tat! he he he.


My two fave planes at the moment:


The Halbenator DII and the Nieuport N17 GBR.


Anyway it's time to make dinner. So cheerio!











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Got stuck in yesterday and played till I burnt out.


I Said "F@#$ you!" and rage quit.  ( A day in the seat was probably twice more than needed...)

I was getting gang banged by two zoomers when I was trying to land my crippled plane...

Nevermind. They had the server to themselves after that! Good!


Had some excellent battles, conversations, hellos and some insights.


I talked Mamo into flying an N17.... that was special.


To RoF fliers and old friends! and enemies.... S!







PS. The darndest thing:


I was at a lakeside AF noodling along when a DVa dove out of the high ceiling at speed in an attack

waaaaaaay too fast. It shed it's wings and then pulled out of the dive to land wheels down safely!

With no wings! I saw it with my own eyeballs. Insanity.  It pulled out out in less tan 200m I guess.

Wow! S!







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Had a proper session on RoF again. First proper fly in a while!

Thanks for flying with me the whole day Plank!





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Yo Stumble!


Holy heck did you miss the party. !!!


Jeepers it was jumping. Insanity. Brisfits slamming the Central AF and defenders clashing wings, the works.

The general turn around was probably less than a minute. It was CHAOS. 

I probably used up all of the total count of DR1's made in WW1 in that single session. Possibly. Maybe more.

That part of server was sinking under the weight of the virtual bullets fired AND the bombs dropped.


Wow. My brain is boiled.


I think we blew up the Server. It just started carpping out. Over heating?


AND THE PLAYERS! We had old hands on deck! wow.  S!


The tracer streamers were countless almost blocked your view. Turn them off? yes!


And hey, your Camel driving shows real skill. Keep it up. Yes really.

If you work on that vertical fight you will really go to town.

And try oval loops not circular. you can slow down your loop so you lag behind

by adjusting your dive and zoom up. It's an art. but once you get it...


Anyway it was great to see you bashing away AND it is great to see a DH2 go into bat! Great work!







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