WARNINGS NEVER MIX D3DX.INI FROM OLD VERSION WITH THE NEW ONE. IT WILL BRAKE MOST OF FUNCTIONS. THERE ARE NOW "USER FILES" TO KEEP YOUR SETTINGS THAT HAVE BEEN UPDATED WITH 10.6 VERSION THAT CAN BE BACKUPED AND RESTORED FOR 10.7. DO NOT USE THE UNINSTALL.BAT SCRIPT FOR VERSION PRIOR TO 10.6 : IT WILL BREAK YOUR DIRECTX INSTALLATION.   Current version = 11.3,  2019/02/16.   I move here the thread for the 3dmigoto mod for its latest version. Initially aimed for VR, it now includes feature that may be used by 2D users. In red are features useful in VR only, in blue feature for anybody.
Unlike other mods all features can be toggled on/off in game by pressing a key (that you'll have to bind with your joystick software suite because only XBOX pad are managed by the 3dmigoto library).
Most of the feature can be modified by you by editing a single text file (eg : color of icon, strength for sight, ...)
The mod is now able to configure itself regarding the current mode for IL2 : VR or 2D. VR Zoom will not be available in 2D,  sight will be at standard mode by default and a different implementation of kneepad is used.   All users settings are now stored in files in the directory "users_settings" in bin\game. user_var_initialization.ini contains all defaults settings user_keymapping_zoom.ini contains elements for zoom : key mapping and settings 3 additionnal files are provided with settings for Odyssey, PIMAX 4K and Vive. Default value are for Rift. Values are taken from forums, see inside files for references. If you are not using a Rift, you may rename the files corresponding to you helmet to "user_keymapping_zoom.ini" (eg I have to rename user_keymapping_zoom.ini.pimax to user_keymapping_zoom.ini for my usage) user_keymapping.ini contains users key mapping for other functions than zoom.   This mod is only possible because of the work of people making the Helix or 3Dmigoto libs :  http://helixmod.blogspot.com/   or https://github.com/bo3b/3Dmigoto/releases   What does it give? Icon/labels are masked by cockpit frame
Toggled off/on by LCTRL+"U" key"

  Sight can be strengthened or disabled or displayed for one eye only to help their use in VR
Settings cycled  by LALT+"k" key"
default = right eye for VR a,nd standard for 2D.
key press for VR = left eye =>  no sight =>  default sight =>  right eye.
key press for 2D = default sight =>  no sight =>  modified sight.
Strengthening settings are define for each family of sight (Ger, Ru, US, It, Eng)
Defaults settings and cycle are different for VR and 2D and can be customize, see below
Propeller can be disabled to avoid ASW problems
Toggled off/on by "Lshift+k" key"
Defaut = propeller
  Possibility to modify game rendering colors (brightness and saturation).
Cycled (2 PRESETS)  by "Lalt+u"
default = no color change.
Brightness and saturation settings can be modified and different settings  inserted, see “customization section.
sat =-1:

Sat= 0 (standard):


  Instantaneous X1.5, X5 and X10 zoom to give same zoom level in VR as in 2D
Activated  by "INSER" key for 1.5X, "HOME" for 5x ,"PAGEUP " for 10x.
This feature is automatically disabled for non VR use.
Defaults settings may not fit your IPD or mask, see “customization” section.
A "binocular like" mask is provided and can be modified/disabled, see “customization” section.

  "IPD modifier like" that shift display to the outside and so enlarge the cockpit
Toggled off/on by LALT+"Del" key
  Kneepad like feature
Toggled on/off by 'j' key
Image cycling up/down by LSHIFT+'j' and LCTRL+'j'
5 image are handled and can be replaced with yours, see “customization” section
Wonderfull Myscion "cockpit at a glance" sheets are included
Size of the kneepad can be changed, see "customization" section.
Label/Icon modification: you can either hide text, waypoint, or made color replaced by grey.
All options are independent.
Grey level can be modified and different settings cycled (eg: black for day and white for night), see “customization” section
Cycled by LSHIFT+U

  Cloud fix : planes are far less masked by cloud behind them
This feature is back with 10.7, I use another algorithm to improve visibility of planes.
Anyway, most of problems occured if you are using settings lower than Global=> High AND Cloud => Med. Above (and including) these settings, planes should not be hidden by cloud behind them. So no more mod need.
  Map brightness can be reduced for night flying
Toggled off/on by "Lshift+q" key for qwerty keyboard and "Lshift+a" key for azerty keyboard (user_keymapping.ini.azerty must be rename to user_keymapping.ini)
Brightness value can be modifyed, see "customization" section)
Defaut = off
  Toggle technochat ON/OFF in flight
Toggled off/on by "LALT+q" key for qwerty keyboard and "LALT+a" key for azerty keyboard (user_keymapping.ini.azerty must be rename to user_keymapping.ini)
Unfortunately, this can only be done in VR, I did not find a way to do the same in 2D.
Defaut = on
  Sun "Halo" can be filtered by cockpit frame
Toggled off/on by "LCTRL+q" key for qwerty keyboard and "LCTRLt+a" key for azerty keyboard (user_keymapping.ini.azerty must be rename to user_keymapping.ini)
Defaut = On
    Shortcuts summary:     Installation   The mod can be downloaded here.   unzip the mod downloaded above and copy the directory  contains (that is 3Dmigoto_VRBOS*/bin ) into IL2BoS install dir      Or (best practice) use JSGME or OvGME: unzip the mod into your MOD dir of either JSGME or OvGME. Install it with JSGME or OvGME.   If you are already using 10.6 version you can backup and restore your user_settings, there are no change between 10.6.x and 10.7   How to uninstall it: suppress in [iL2BOS]\bin\game , with [iL2BOS]  the install directory, all the files that are in the mod zip.       Or (best practice) use JSGME or OvGME  DO NOT USE THE UNINSTALL.BAT SCRIPT PRIOR TO 10.6 VERSION: IT WILL BREAK YOUR DIRECTX INSTALLATION.   Customization All features and settings are driven by variable in “.ini” file  in “bin/game/users_settings” in your IL2 BoS install dir (once mod installed of course).
Two things may be modified: “Default value”, set when game is started and “toggled values”, changed when a key is pressed. They should be modified in accordance.
Default values are in the file user_var_initialization.ini   Toggled values are defined in the different “[Key*]” sections in the files user_keymapping.ini and user_keymapping_zoom.ini
Lines starting with a “;” are comment.   Modify settings for Icon: (user_var_initialization.ini and user_keymapping.ini) By default no icon or text modification is done, only masking by airframe. You can start with the option you want by modifying the following lines in “Default values” section (I hope that comments are clear enough!). If you want to be able to cycle trough different grey level you can modify the “toggled values” for [Key7] by adding a new value (preceded by a comma) at the end of lines for z7, x2, x3, x4 lines. x4 should contain your grey value, by defaults it’s the same for all settings. When the [key7] is cycled, all variables in the sections are switching to the next value of the list, and cycled back to the first when all values have been cycled.
Modify settings for colors: (user_var_initialization.ini and user_keymapping.ini)
Color change is made with the following algorithm:
step 1 new color = saturation change for standard output (x1)
step 2 : new color = saturated color *mul  + add
Saturation algorithm is coming from “peregrine7” post here. color settings are define in [ResourceColorChange] in user_var_initialization.ini: Color preset number is define by variable x1 (0 = no color change)   Modify settings for VR zoom: (user_keymapping_zoom.ini) It looks like each player need to setup his own settings for zoom... You can start by having a look on SCG_Fenris_Wolf post to get better settings: At first : w is zoom factor,  y6 is used to shift horizontally each image left or right when zoomed (each image is shifted in an opposite direction),  y7 is used to shift up or down each image when zoomed (each image is shifted the same), x7 is used to shift horizontally the mask (black area around zoomed view) The [key1] to [Key3] section contains settings for each zoom level. eg : [Key1] ;set high zoom on Key = ALT no_shift no_ctrl VK_UP type = hold ; modify here the first value you want to use for zoom increase w = 10.0 ; Pimax settings y6 = -0.6 x7 = 0.0 y7 = 0.0 So for my 10x zoom I shifted only on X direction for -0.6 (60% of screen).   Each zoom level settings may be differents. So you'll have to define each settings for each zoom lever. The easier way for doing that is to modify entries w in the following section at beginning of d3dx.ini (see below) : set w to the zoom value you want to setup (eg. 5.0) ;---------------- ; zoom settings ;---------------- ; zoom square radius ; x = 100 x = 0.12 ; default zoom factor (not to be modified) w = 1.0 press F10 : game display should be updated with your zoom factor constantly applied modify the values of y6, y7 and x7 in the following section: try to increase or decrease them to fit your need ;---------------- ; XShift ;---------------- ; xshift for defaut IPD like modifier (not to be modified) x6 = 0.0 ; Xxshift for zoom (not to be modified) y6 = 0.0 ; Yshift for zoom (not to be modified) y7 = 0.0 ; xshift for mask(not to be modified) x7 = 0 ; ratio horizontal/vertical for zoom mask z4 = 0.6 press F10 => the view should have been shifted by your settings do it again untill you find the good settings Report the settings in the [Key] section corresponding to the zoom factor you used modify again w, y6, y7 and x7 to their original value press F10 check that all is OK when you zoom for the zoom factor you just have set Do all the process again for other zoom factors settings   If the 'F10" function does not work, try to replace the line "hunting=0" by "hunting=2" launch IL2 again and press numpad0 then F10. Warning : do not forget to set it at the 0 value at the end of your setting process, it has a huge impact on performance.   Modify settings for zoom "binocular like" mask (user_keymapping_zoom.ini): Size of mask can be define by using z4 and z6 variable. the default value are reducing slighly the FOV in my PIMAX4K, they may not fit your VR mask. Mask can be disabled by lowering the value, so it may be bigger than your display. Target position is define by x7 (horizontal) and w6 (vertical) values. If you do not want the target, increase the value untill the target disapears (eg for low zoom settings).   Modify images for kneepad like feature : You'll just have to replace images that are in the "ReplacementTextures" folder by your own. Images should be 1546x1024 (but it's not an obligation) and at jpg or dds format. They must keep the same name.   Modify size of kneepad (user_var_initialization.ini): Find the following section in user_var_initialization.ini and modify the values for Xmin, Xmax,...Image will scale with the size of kneepad, so you may have distortion if image resolution is not fitted to kneepad size. [ResourceKneepadCoord] type = StructuredBuffer array = 1 data = R32_FLOAT +0.0 +0.5 +0.1 +0.9 +0.1 +0.8 +0.2 +1.0 ; ^Kneepad in non VR^|^Kneepad in VR ^| ; Xmin Xmax Ymin Ymax |Xmin Xmax Ymin Ymax ; coordinates from upper left corner of screen in 2D and HUD area in VR ; range from 0 ( left or up) to 1.0 (right of down) Modify map brightness (user_keymapping.ini): The variable y4 in [Keyf] section of user_keymapping.ini define the factor applied to map brightness. By default it is 0.5 => reduced by a factor 2.   Modify sight strenght (user_var_initialization.ini): Find the following section in user_var_initialization.ini and modify the values for the threshold [ResourceSightStrenght] type = StructuredBuffer array = 1 data = R32_FLOAT +0.05 +0.05 +0.05 +0.05 +0.05 +0.05 ; ^ndef ^Ru ^Ge ^Us ^It ^Eng ; (lesser = sight thicker, 1 = no reinforcement) Modify sight color (user_var_initialization.ini): Find the following section in user_var_initialization.ini and modify the values for the sight colors. The table contain the 3 component (RGB) for each sight, family, starting from undefine. ;------------------------- ; sight replacement color ;------------------------- [ResourceSightColor] type = StructuredBuffer array = 1 data = R32_FLOAT 1.0 1.0 0.1 0.9 0.0 0.0 1.0 0.15 0.0 0.2 0.2 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.1 0.6 0.2 0.0 ; ^ndef RGB-^ ^Ru RGB---^ ^Ge RGB----^ ^Us RGB---^ ^It RGB---^ ^Eng RGB--^   Revision: 2019-02-16 : version 11.3 : bug fixes (zoom works with some graphics option eg, shadow off) + small performance optimization 2019-02-06 : version 11.0 : 3.010 compatibility 2019-02-02 : version 10.7 : bug fixes (including blinking grass) + Cloud fix is back again 2019-01-17 : version 10.6.2 : bug fixes (including horizon) 2019-01-08 : version 10.6.1 : bug fixes 2019-01-04 : version 10.6 :  changelog here. 2018-12-01 : version 10.5 : technical evolution that should made mod more robust and user conf. in other files than d3dx.ini 2018-11-25 : version 10.1 : some bug fixes (prop not always disabled, cloud horizon problem, drops not always disabled when zooming). 2018-11-24 : version 10.0 : compatibility with 3.007, new implementation for kneepad, automatic settings for VR/2D 2018-10-31 : version 9.8  : improved perfomance, 5 to 10 fps gain reported 2018-10-21 : version 9.7  : tree shadow fix, workaround (disable) for rain drops 2018-09-28 : version 9.6  : fix icon seen trough plan parts 2018-09-28 : version 9.5  : fix zoom bug with winter maps in 3.006 2018-09-26 : version 9.4  : 3.006 compatibility 2018/09-16 : version 9.3 : new features + fix + moved to mods section.