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Best variant of theT-34/76 from 183rd factory

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Hi everyone.

Now the developers are still researching the exact variant of T-34/76. In my opinion the best possible variant from the Kursk battle was: Factory 183 with "Formochka" UZTM turret. 



As you can see on the pictures above the T-34/76 from n183 factory with UZTM Formochka turrets were used at the Kursk battle. Why this variant? The answer is obvious:
1. First of all as you can see on the first picture it was "rich" variant (not very common in the crisis first half of the 1943) - this one probably from 112 factory - stamped wheels instead of cast - look at the wheels - all with rubbers (look at the other T-34's they have cheap wheels without rubbers). It also had armoured MG, 5 gears gearbox and other improvements implemented.

2. Formochka turret from UZTM was 45mm thick (compared to 52mm thickness of cast turret) - but even though it gave better protection because it was stamped from hardened welded armour sheets. (It also has less spalling).


3. It was mass produced (2670 turrets were produced from 1942-1944).

4. It is the prettiest variant ;)




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3 hours ago, BP_Lizard said:

And it has that cute Mickey Mouse hatches.



Turret presented above is the cast variant not "formochka". But of course "formochka" also had Mickey Mouse hatches :-)


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I am happy that we get a new T-34/76.

Hopefully i will see in the future T.34/85 from 1944.


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