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Broken Luftwaffe campaign

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I am sure TF knows about it, but it would be better to be sure and get some info. RAF campaign is really cool and it works but Luftwaffe one is a mess. I am unable to complete any mission. I did 3 by skipping after it was a failure.


First 2 you have bunch of 109 flying in formation but they just fly somewhere faaaaaar away. Their task is to defend do17 (both missions) but they just fly past enemy ships (target of do17) and fly and fly while RAF attacks do17 and annihilates them. Like they don't care about their task.


Mission 3 is supposed to be sneak attack with 110&109 used first time as bombers. They are supposed to attack radars but your flight does not get bombs... You have bomb racks but empty ones. Everyone else gets bombs but you and your flight. When they get to their targets (another horrible thing is that game never tells you what target you are supposed to attack and where, would be cool to get recon info in the future campaigns, at least for static targets like radars so you know how target that you must bomb looks like) they drop bombs and miss horribly... it seems like a 100m miss and bombs don't even explode, so it's pretty much impossible to win these missions. You have no bombs, AI can't hit anything with them and even if they did, bombs don't explode. 


After you quit it, games tells you how this looked in reality, all targets got destroyed and british were surprised so there was not any fighter to defend (yet in mission you get attacked by bunch of hurricanes and spitfires). Because of these AI 109 drop bombs and don't attack their radar targets. 


I know AI is getting fixed, so just letting you guys know that campaign is broken and I hope it will get reworked and maybe even less action and more realism. If mission 3 in real life had no enemy in the sky, it would be much more fun not to have them.

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On 9/12/2018 at 7:46 PM, InProgress said:


Check Post #127 on this thread



REDUX from Heinkill for TF : GB and DE
Ju88: KG1 and KG54
Ju-87: II StG 1*
Me110: Erpr GR. 210 (Me110)*
Bf109: JG26 (in Russian...) , III/JG26, JG53 PikAs, two on Dunkirk (bd and dk), one Eagle Day (Adler Tag)*
Spitfire: Spitfire on my tail 1 and 2, Spitfire dawn
Hurricane: Battle of France*, Battle of Britain*


Note every campaign is on actual Blitz standard,but they work as far as I can tell.  I´m in the middle on the Erpr GR. 210 campaign. It´s a hard nut, the AI gives you hell, no compare to our wannabe AI comrades ^^


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There’s only a campaign.ini line missing.

compare English and German campaigns, you will find that there is a file missing. 

Just correct the default and you will have the campaign

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