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Info on 495 IAP?

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Hello all,


I've been researching some PVO regiments for ACG's Battle of Moscow campaign, but I can't for the life of me find any relevant information on 495 IAP. Could you guys point me in the right direction?


What I've found is that the 495-й истребительный авиационный полк ПВО was formed on September 27, 1941, when the 177th "A" fighter regiment was reorganized as the 495th Fighter Aviation Regiment and was part of the 6th Air Defence Force of Moscow.


Thanks in advance.


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This regiment is available in the BOM career, here is a short history from the game:



The regiment was formed by July 31, 1941 as the 177th 'А' IAP as part of the 6th IAK PVO of the Moscow Air Defense zone based on the 34th and 177th IAP according to TOE 015/134 with a fleet of I-16s. In September 6, six pilots with I-16s were transferred to the 433rd IAP.

On September 27, 1941, the 177th 'А' IAP was redesignated as the 495th IAP PVO. As part of the 6th IAK, the regiment participated in combat missions, providing cover for the city and military facilities of Moscow. The 495th IAP was also involved in covering the ground troops and staging ground attacks to assist the Army command.


In October 1941, the 1st squadron of the regiment was converted to MiG-3 fighters.

In January 1942, the regiment was reorganized according to TOE 015/174, and on March 3 was transferred from the 6th IAK PVO to the 125th IAD PVO of the Tula air defense region.

In May 1942, the 495th IAP was reorganized according to TOE 015/134, and its 2nd squadron received Yak-1 and Yak-7b fighters for its fleet.

On June 29, 1943, the regiment together with the 125th IAD PVO was integrated into the forces of the Western Front air defense, and on July 3 two squadrons were transferred to the 960th IAP, from which two La-5 squadrons arrived at the same time.

On October 13, 1943, the 495th IAP was transferred from the 125th IAD PVO to the 328th IAD PVO of the Smolensk air defense region of the Western Front.

In April 1944, as part of the 328th IAD PVO, the regiment was integrated into the 81st air defense division of the Northern Front.

In August 1944, the 495th IAP was transferred to the 36th IAD PVO of the 4th Air Defense Corps, and then together with the 36th IAD to the 5th Air Defense Corps of the Northern Front.


On December 24, 1944, the regiment was integrated into the Western Front air defense forces of the 2nd formation together with the 36th IAD PVO, and retired from active military duty on December 31, 1944.


Original docs:


Oct 1, 1941

"495th IAP: 12 crews was transferred from Vlas'evo to Rzhev and 8 crews from Vlas'evo to Tula"



Oct 13, 1941

"495th IAP: 5 crews (I-16) was transferred from Migalovo to Vlas'evo"


I guess they left Rzhev beetwen Oct 8 and Oct 12 and was transferred to Migalovo and then to Vlas'evo on Oct 13.

From Oct 31 495th IAP left our map.


On Oct 7 they still defended Rzhev - they made 47 flights at that day for patrolling and protecting the city


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Do you ever rest and relax? 😄

You are always there doing something!

It is the weekend, you should be chilling!







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1 hour ago, BlackSix said:

I'm here because I'm doing my next campaign on the weekends :)


Is there any official on 208 BAP, maybe? It would really help me out!

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