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[MOD] Fw-190 bar reduction

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Not a perfect mod but this is about as good as I can get it without being able to edit the 3d model itself.



One of the problems with this is the bolts on the exterior of the canopy have been made transparent so that the frame can be made smaller. This is visible from the outside, but not very noticible from any distance.



This can also be seen from the inside if the camera is moved very far forward and up. There is also a small bit of missing geometry on the side of the frame inside the canopy, but this is barely noticeable and only from weird angles.


Additionally this mod only works with the default skin.


Installation is simply copying the folder in the zip archive into the data folder of your BOS install.



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13 hours ago, LizLemon said:


Did you try it with the default skin?

yes, same thing no change 

picture with/without mod and with+default skin (do i need mods ON ?)




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54 minutes ago, SCG_PeeGee said:

Here's the view from a real A8, just to compare.


why don't they make it this way from the beginning? 

i have no background in 3D modeling but it seems like cuting extra corners, the mod is amazing but the fact that i need to enable mods to use it is not, i fly online and i don't like to close the game every time i want to use it.  

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The pic is not really a fair comparison. The position and angle are significantly different from a normal pilot's seated position, there is no hood installed, no gunsight, we already know refraction is not modelled, and cameras are not eyes and never will be. Even the improvement of the mod is minimal. Good work as it's something I can't do but this is not some monumental step forward and the stock cockpit is pretty amazing, overall, as it is.

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