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Tank Crew: Voice Command

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The idea behind this was to bind controls to simple voice commands for the upcoming Tank Crew. Playing as commander you can give your driver orders. And even though you technically have to be in the gunner position to give the Fire! command it is still very satisfying to do and makes you feel like you are the commander of your tank.


Step 1: download voicebot here - https://www.voicebot.net/


Step 2: download this profile I made - Tank Crew (English United States).rar


Step 3: open voicebot > go to settings (gear icon) > profiles (tab on left) > import profile and select the Tank Crew profile I made


Step 4: Test voicebot to make sure everything is a-ok. You should be able to talk and see a waveform and a text read back from what words it's detecting from your speech. If not, you might have to activate windows voice recognition on your computer if you haven't ever done that. You also might have to tinker with your specific audio devices. I had to do neither. 


Step 5: Launch IL-2 and configure these controls, this is important because I have voicebot using these key strikes, holds and releases! Trust me it will be quicker for you to do these simple IL-2 control changes than for you to make your own profile from scratch.


Tank movement needs to be set to standard WASD layout. (W forward, S back, A left, D right)

Main gun = left mouse button.

Secondary gun (MG) = right mouse button.

Switch ammo type = F


Step 6: Leave voicebot running in the background with my Tank Crew profile... go yell at your driver and gunner and have fun. :)




Saying words in RED have the following effect:


Forward! - driver drives forwards

Back! - driver drives backwards

Stop! - driver stops (originally wanted this to be "halt" but the 't' was troublesome)

Left! - driver turns left (releases forward or back command)

Right! - driver turns right (releases forward or back command)


Fire- fires main gun

Switch Ammo- switches main gun ammo type


Suppressing Fire- fires coaxial MG

Cease Fire- stops coaxial MG fire




For those who have not used voice recognition before... You have to be clear and concise in your speech.  If you have problems with it make sure your mic levels are adequate/move the mic closer to your pretty face. Don't mumble or slur your speech. 

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Yes, this could add a new level of immersion for tank commanders. 🙂

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Great idea. I hope you have more success with this than I did using VAC with IL-2 46.  I obviously vocalized more than I realized during fights, which can have some interesting effects when the voice recognition is still dodgy.  In the end I cut out everything except "Help!" 

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I can say this for certain, based on the commands I made there was never once a command given that resulted in the WRONG command being interpreted. I'm waiting to do some Tank Crew testing... don't want to wake up my friend by yelling STOP!!! FIRE!!!!!!!. lol.

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