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[MOD] MK-II HD Gunsight

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Spitfire's MK-II "early" HD Gunsight Mod.



HD Gunsight Mod.



Comparison between Vanilla and HD Mod.


- Complete texture rework.
- Double resolution image for a cleaner Gunsight.
- OvGME / JSGME compatible.



MK-II HD Gunsight.zip

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Thanks for the mod! Would like to give this a try but not sure of the thread.  When I go to:

Program Files/1 C Game Studios/IL2 Battle of Moscow/data/graphics/textures ... there is no common.  In textures I have SysFont, defBlack, defNoise, etc.  


What am i doing wrong?



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Hi smink1701!


When a mod is "OvGME / JSGME compatible" means that is ready to be installed in the blink of an eye using any of these tools.

I recommend you to download and install OvGME. Is a "Mod setup tool" that you can use to install - uninstall mods for different games in an easy way. 


*hope is not a problem posting the link here, is an open source tool.

Is very easy to install (has a quick Step by step guide to set it up)




In the image example you can see how I have it set up.


-There is a profile IL-2 that I created with the wizard for BoX.

-Under, you can see where the game is actually installed D:\Games\IL-2

-After is there a directory where you can Extract the content of any Mod that is "OvGME / JSGME compatible". Mine is D:\Games\IL-2 \MODS


So just Extract the entire content of the zip to this MODS folder. In my case D:\Games\IL-2\MODS\MK-II HD Gunsight.....


After just activate the "Enable" it from the list. 


*If you do not want to install any mod management tool, just copy the image files here:

Your Game directory>  \data\graphics\textures\common  (does not matter if that folder was not there before)


Remember that mods need to be enabled inside the game options also :].


Best and hope this helps some how.



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