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Can't deny she is a scenic game... (needs to be full screen to feel it)

Desktop Screenshot 2018.11.06 -



On 11/4/2018 at 2:52 PM, Talon_ said:

The guy should fly a faster fighter if he doesn't want to get booped by us 😄

Fly a faster fighter or fly the fighter faster maybe....:fly:


If da fw190 can't outrun an a20, he prob is afk having a beer...or three.


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21 minutes ago, wombatBritishBulldogs said:

Watching the Texture of the parachute move while drifting down is" one "of the most realistic views i believe you'll see in this game :clapping:


As someone with considerable experience under canopy I must agree with you. I was very impressed with the realism and detail that went into the work.

Even down to the dogs barking at me for landing near a village. 


XVIII Airborne Corps

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Was flying at VirtualPilots server. We were silencing Timashevskaya depot, airfield and tank base. I was part of a flight of IL-2 tasked to finish off the depot and airfield. Well, we did but my pilot got wounded twice in the process by AAA and result can be seen in the screenshot. Limped back home and made a succesfull landing. That was an intense mission!


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16 hours ago, melkarth said:



These walking things frighten me. They are not alive. When they get near my plane, I close the canopy and I take off quickly (if my plane is not a P-40).


Well, just think about their job here in BOS. They get shot at on a daily basis over and over. Run over by tanks. Bombed while they're just out for a stroll. Anyone would look like that after working in BOS for a long period of time.  :crazy:

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