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16 hours ago, BladeMeister said:

Ain't She a Beaut!!!  :clapping:


S!Blade<><  🌲








Looks good buddy can you share with us....I love the historic stuff...Salute!

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I see what they did. ;)

That's a rather interesting pattern in the water. Like a water carpet. :biggrin:






EDIT: The pattern reminds me of typical Russian wall carpets. :)

Says enough where the developers come from. :biggrin:




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1 hour ago, pjmack11377 said:

what is the rule for posting skin art female nudes??  I have been working on a couple but dont want to offend...



I think Pin-Up like female nudes shouldn't be too much of a problem - but if you take "modern" nudes with too much details,

then you might run into some issues.

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