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I am turning for home when what do I see? The hun army is lobbing missiles rounds upon my Comrades heads some miles away.



The Wurfrahmen 40 mounted on the Sd.Kfz. 251 are nasty little bastards!



I have only one rocket and two thirds of my cannon and machine gun rounds left. So here we go!



The huns are chucking those missiles like there is no tomorrow.



After a quick Prayer to guide my RS-82 right into one of those kraut wagons, I let it loose.



I make a nice shallow dive as I let loose a volley from my cannons and machine guns!



There will only be one pass so I am giving them everything this little kite has.



As I run my armaments dry I pull off from my run.



Pulling up and away now I first feel and then hear a mighty explosion. I must have lit off one of those Wurfrahmen 40s.





I made a once around the field and took a pass back over to discover what I had done.

And then there were none!!!




I head home knowing my Comrades on the ground will rest a little easier tonight. S!




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See Me Later III, a P-51D-15-NA of the 335FS of the 4thFG as seen in early March 1945. This was the third in a series so named D Mustangs flown by Lt. Wilbur Eaton. He also flew a B likewise named. After Eaton's service in the 4th ended in Feb. 1945, the Mustang was shot down by flak on March 3, 1945 near Rotterdam while flown by Lt. Kenneth Green. Green was captured and became a POW. Purportedly, the pilot baled out but the photographs lead to questions. The airframe is heavily damaged but not completely destroyed as one would assume would be the case when an airplane crashed. Maybe it landed in water and was retrieved. Too its canopy frame is still attached, albeit without any plexiglass. Perhaps it was found and put back on the P-51.


This is one of a few late war 4thFG Mustangs I've seen pictures of that feature both the swept back nose colors and the black ETO wing and horizontal tail stripes. 



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Diggun's Dirty Angel. 

14E6B33514ED7C055CB38001B4B5974C6E932293 (1920×1080)


34F63711E80AD78D20751ACAD44594996B5E4872 (1920×1080)


AFCEB3B690515F3BA1A05A16D206361E2CA9D053 (1920×1080)


LaGG-3, new template. I love the matt finish.

0AB8158DCB295B873524F578C58CF0F419DF5D04 (1920×1080)


651D80CB954C40D2F5B20ACC5946D4FC9C6D49BB (1920×1080)


6163FA69EA49E97DE1AB9A2418930345FE0BF613 (1920×1080)


889AB430CF4211DDD82C389EECDC8A076D24398D (1920×1080)


1BBF35B946E45B2D21D5E473029C7EAA007BEFBD (1920×1080)


D204B77F5FEE027A022289523EFEAA132C3E3C13 (1920×1080)


257C057DADF1AEDF5FD71C493BC084DD3C8ED8D6 (1920×1080)


BA192A56087C01A70769A9CA1280DCAD25041BFE (1920×1080)


Yak-7b's, evening patrol.

88BD4D1B435F739F61F4347B35E2CA68C5AEE678 (1920×1080)





Me 262

C07C878A9E023E343468C80B562C24F8A027F808 (1920×1080)


A1C026BC3665733679AC2195FFD1CDD3360337D9 (1920×1080)


BD7D820E629679FD92BFB47074AEC60387EBE468 (1920×1080)


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