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Just because you all get to play with the latest update doesn't mean all of us get a break. :)


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14 hours ago, ICDP said:



Beautiful Mk XIV skin.


...and many thanks for the nice work on the other skins / templates, only 4 remain.


What will be next, Yak-7B, 1B?

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17 hours ago, Jason_Williams said:


Oooh dirty... I like it.





Good evening Jason,

Many thanks for the compliments,

I just tried to make the paint look just patinated and aged by UV rays, the climate and the season in which it evolves.

The plane not being dirty, in fact to leave in operation the polish mechanics the plane as much as possible to gain the precious KM / h which can save life.

Small balancing act between aging and realism.


Very big thank you for all the work you do to offer us this superb simulation






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Just a flesh wound:




This is from a career sortie, where the overcast was ridiculously heavy. I popped up through the clouds just to take a shot in the dawn light:




Classic Spitfire 'plane porn' shot:



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Sunrise, readying for the first sortie of the day.


I'm impressed by the level of 3D and 2D detail on the aircraft, the panel lines, flush rivets, chipped paint, oil streaks and the hurriedly added invasion stripes.




The sortie was not without incident...



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The more I fly the XIV, the more I like it. I always thought Spits were good planes, but was never besotted with them. That might be changing.




I'm partial to the 1945 color schemes, especially the black spinner.




If you can look beyond my marginal graphics settings, you can appreciate the elliptical...ness... of the wings. So elliptical. So very, very elliptical.




This shot really highlights the more pointed spinner on the XIV. Gives the whole plane a sportier, racier look.

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They got me. While shooting at the leading Fw-190 as he passed, his wingman strafed us. Single engine fighters are a tough target. If only we had proximity fuses....


Nice detail on this truck. A lot of detail in the engine bay.  




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2 hours ago, ICDP said:



Just messing with the Spitfire XIV alpha channels, trying to get a glossy black look.

Hopefully a night Spitty? That would be awesome!



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*Note: the following are lazily edited with contrast/color enhancement.


German engineering, my arse. I barely scratched this Focke Wulf, and it just fell apart. In my face.




Death in the clouds:




Superfluous plane porn:




Play MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" for the following:




Good morning, starshine:



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