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On 12/27/2020 at 5:17 AM, II/JG17_HerrMurf said:

You can have your fangs out or your hair on fire but never have your fangs out AND your hair on fire!


So that's what I'm doing wrong.

In the Hurri I always end up with my hair out and the fangs on fire...

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Battle of Moscow, December 1941, I dove on a Schwarm of Emils but failed to get an unobserved entry. Breathing hard and wiping the sweat from my eyes I failed to notice that I managed to get 4 mission kills without firing a shot. That must be worth something, right? My reward from Comrade Stalin? No punishment.





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V e r y nice!  You really do a good job skinning.


I'm a skin junkie so.....any chance of sharing?

If not I understand.  But if you don't ask......

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