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Some early days WIP for some Sea Hurricane IIC schemes. Though also going to upload one that is an generic aircraft (without unit markings and serials etc) in Temperate Sea Scheme.

Kudos to the template IDCP as with every one you've released.

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@Bremspropeller being awesome at leading the two ship formation whilst navigating at low altitude and avoiding trees, roofs, cats and dogs...






Reports of two allied aircrews shoving food down chimneys to support locals over the Netherlands are still to be verified... 🤣🍻

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Hi friends, it's been a while since I shared a story with you. 2020 was a very mixed year for many and I am no exception. Nevertheless, we finally had the opportunity to make some nice flights again and I would like to share one of them with you. It was on March 5, 1945...


and we started our engines...


the mission was "simple", namely to shoot down all enemy bombers over Borken and Bochum that would enter the airspace....


But the problems already started at Borken, when the High Command informed us too late and the approaching bombers could bomb the city right in front of our eyes while we were to low to attack. And then forced by enemy fighter cover to make an emergency landing near Kirchhellen...


Quickly we started our engines and started to climb so high that we drew contrails behind us....


This time we were prepared and would make the enemy bombers fear us, and then the radio message "Bombers over Duisburg sighted heading east" came, so we knew what their target would be and waited for them...


Then we saw their contrails and split up and got ready! Borken would not repeat itself, not today...


A fierce air battle broke out around us as we dived to the bombers...


Thick columns of black smoke filled the sky when burning wreckages fell to the ground...


But we were not alone...


Bf-109 and P-51 were also here and a sheer chaos developed while the contrails became wilder and wilder...


Whenever it was possible for us, we brought hell to the bombers, while we took care of our wingmen, as far as it was possible...


I was able to spot a P-51 chasing a 109, I dived on it and gave the Mustang a full burst...


Shortly afterwards 2 other Mustangs repaid it to me, but I was not alone....


Thanks to my wingman I could get away with comparatively light damage and I was able to land without injuries near Dortmund, while the rest of the squadron also made its way back more or less unharmed when the battle above Bochum was over. After these 2 missions a good 10 enemy planes had been shot down for the confirmed loss of 2 of my own squadron. Let's see what the next day will bring...

I put the story under a spoiler, because of the big bad symbols in there (I hope you can forgive me ;)) I hope you enjoyed it and I see you in the air!

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