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Beginning to play through the Achtung Spitfire! campaign. 






Working on a pack of missions for the new P-47D-22 Thunderbolt. Since the Normandy map is still a ways off and I wanted to minimize the amount of Il-2 expansions one would need to play them, I'm using the free Great Battles maps, so all you would need is Il-2 Battle of Normandy to play them. This means they are going to be Russian based missions for the time being.






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On 7/13/2020 at 3:39 PM, [=PzG=]-FlyinPinkPanther said:

30 mm yes, but don't know the specific round. 

This was the second time I did this. The other time was a P-47. The plane just exploded. I was in shocked so i didn't pause the game to take a photo of it. Both the wings were off. 

In game, the MG108 only fires HE, and yes, pretty devastating. The P47D-28 had lots of fuel on board and a supercharger, no doubt they did blow up pretty spectacularly. I was blasting a few to bits in my Me262 in game and was shocked and concerned that bits of P47 would be ingested by my Jumo 004s. Try it yourself and check out the aluminium confetti produced by 4x MK108s firing HE  Minengeschoss  rounds each filled with 85g or an RDX type explosive!



weapon48.jpgSee the source image

Notice how the propellant on the left only takes up about1/3rd of the overall length of the round. Hence the low velocity and rainbow like trajectory. But it does some serious damage when it hits an aircraft. This type (and tracers which incorporated HE or AP tipped shells) were the most commonly used in the Mk/MG108


They even made rounds for night use with low intensity tracer and 'ohne zerleger' rounds that would self detonate as they slowed down before falling to the ground (probably to allow them to be used safely over population centres)


Read more here: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/me163/weapons15.htm#Type O


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Tout le meilleur pour la fête nationale France, or Cool French don´t look at explosions... 😉




When you learn, you have some sort of a reputation for noooo apparent reason... :lol:


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