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December 2, 1941 Last flight in the front.....Shortly after the bombs were dropped. The plane took a direct hit from a flak gun on it's lest wing, taking out it's flap and damaged it's aileron.

The pilot was forced to fly it back to safety (Had they bailed the Russians would have shot them from the ground). Crashed landed in the woods not far from the front

No KIAs but all were wounded that required an evacuation from the front

Heinkel last flight.png

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4 hours ago, Bremspropeller said:

Being accepted into our flying-outfit takes a special kind of idiot...





You know what they say..."you're never alone when you're a schizophrenic" :cool:


...or was that just me :biggrin:

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Dateline: Clervaux Castle. Spotting issues resolved.




(If you think that title sucks, you should see the original. To wit: But for the lack of sufficient water, all this would be inundated.)


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1 hour ago, GiftZahnsSteigern said:

Oh, come on, you might make it.

I’ve heard of the Highway of Death, but this is ridiculous.


20 hours ago, [CPT]milopugdog said:

Children of the Panzer? :P

Surrounded German forces desperately try to assert their dominance over victorious Red Army troops, 1943 (colourised).

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